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Our tags are your pet’s ticket home

Let's work together to bring every pet back home

Are you ready to become a Smart City?

Metal engraved tags have long been a staple in the pet identification industry. Today’s world is in the midst of a digital era, and it’s time to bring pet identification into the 21st century. By opting to become a smart city, you are not only protecting your citizens’ pets, but you’re also saving time and money in all animal rescue efforts and recovery by increasing Return To Owner (RTO) rates.

Once a GPC Smart tag is scanned, the owner is automatically notified of the mapped location where the pet’s tag was scanned. This revolutionary new system provides a safer, faster, and more secure way to reunite lost pets with their families.

Why GPC Smart®?

Syneroid Technologies Corp. has created the world’s most innovative pet identification system (Patented), which combines GPC Smart® pet tags, Global ID America microchips, and a Universal Pet Registry accessible from any smartphone 24/7, anywhere in the world.

The GPC Smart® system is the most direct and humane pet recovery system available today.

Return to Owner (“RTO”) percentages are significantly increased when neighbors and animal control officers can simply push a button on their cellphones and contact the pet’s owner directly to arrange reunification, without a stop at the animal shelter. Pet owners across the country prefer and support direct pet recovery methods, resulting in higher voluntary registration percentages. 

Become a Partner

If you’re a Pet or Pet-Safety Specialty Distributor interested in working with us to reach every pet in the world, we would love to chat. Our product belongs on every pet’s collar, and with your help, we can ensure that every pet has a ticket home across the globe. We will assign a dedicated project manager to discuss how we may be able to work together.

How it works?

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Meet Our Partners

Our partners span the globe and represent a diverse range of organizations and businesses. We work together to build thriving communities.

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Please fill out the contact form if you’re interested in becoming a distributor of our GPC Smart pet identification tags. We will review your information and reach out to discuss a distribution plan and further details.

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