Global Access to Pet Profile Using The Universal Pet Registry Database

Syneroid Technologies has created the world’s smartest pet identification system (Patent Pending). This system combines GPC Smart® Tags, Emergency Smart Collars, Global ID Microchips, and a Universal Pet Registry, accessible from any smartphone 24/7 anywhere in the world. This is the most comprehensive pet identification package available and can be used on other animals, not just dogs and cats. If you can attach it, you can tag it.

GPC Smart® Tags

The GPC Smart® App provides free registration for pets. GPC Smart® tags are a new mobile pet identification and recovery solution that replaces outdated engraved metal ID tags. Digital technologies allow our system to create pet profiles that include:

  • Important identifying information
  • Photographs
  • Owner and emergency contact info
  • Vaccination records
  • Proof of ownership

Once a GPC Smart® tag is scanned, the owner is automatically notified of the mapped location where the pet’s tag was scanned. This revolutionary new system provides a safer, faster, and more secure way to reunite lost pets with their families.

GPC Smart’s® recovery system is the most direct and humane pet recovery system available today. Return to Owner (“RTO”) percentages are significantly increased when neighbors and animal control officers can push a button on their cellphones and contact the pet’s owner directly to arrange reunification, without a stop at the animal shelter. Pet owners across the country prefer and support direct pet recovery methods, resulting in higher voluntary registration percentages.

Federal Pets Act Compliance & Emergency Preparedness Grants:
The 2006 Federal Pets Act requires municipalities seeking FEMA assistance to make accommodations for tracking and assisting household pets and service animals during major disasters and other emergencies.

Several Emergency Preparedness grants are available to municipalities to help pay for equipment and services required to meet the goals of the Pets Act. The GPC Smart® System was specifically designed to help meet these goals and may qualify for reimbursements through eligible grants.

Emergency Smart Collars

Emergency Smart Collars are the perfect solution to effectively identify animals for everyday use, emergency planning, or disaster response. This cost-effective product will ensure a smoother and streamlined process when out in the field. You only need a cell phone with a camera or NFC compatibility to scan or create a pet’s profile.

Emergency Smart Collars can be an alternative to GPC Smart® tags and are quickly and easily placed on most animals. These writable, durable paper collars can be sized to fit any animal and are enabled with QR/ NFC technology.

Global ID America Microchips

Pairing a GPC Smart® tag with Global ID America microchips offers the most comprehensive pet identification solution. Microchips are a permanent form of identification, and the tag provides visible identification; both can be linked to the pet’s GPC Smart® profile and stored in a universal database.

Global ID America offers Swiss Engineered microchips. ST214 sterile Syringe pack contains; a ready-to-use disposable syringe, pre-loaded with the 8.5mm x 1.4mm microchip and a strip of bar code labels.

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